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We are a concentrate, but very different than what you might think...

In the coconut water arena, many brands make a point to say, "not from concentrate"; and although we are not a concentrate by the standard definition, we are a "different" type of concentrate. While our product is concentrated, it is created in exactly the opposite way that the typical concentrate is made. Using the traditional concentration technique, juice, set to become a concentrate, goes into a hot evaporator, which quickly heats the product causing the water to evaporate, leaving only the concentrate behind. Heat can affect the basic composition of the fruit, impacting both the nutritional value and taste.

At Pure4Health, "Heat" is the enemy, our product is concentrated using a proprietary process where the coconut water remains at temperatures below freezing. This process preserves the wholesome, natural taste and nutrition.

While retaining all of the natural coconut water benefits, our frozen concentrate allows you to MIX IT YOUR WAY. Great as a refreshing drink or added directly to a smoothie or protein shake. The freshness of a coconut picked right off of the tree, at a price per serving comparable to other premium fruit drinks.

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The best-tasting coconut water you have ever experienced. More natural fruit concentrates coming soon!